Our clinic in Budapest provides complete aesthetic and dentistry service to our patients. Some years ago our team thought if we wanted to provide a service of the highest quality and to serve are patients on the highest levels, we need to create a clinic together as a team. It is a clinic where the patients can get various opinions of the experts.
For more than 15 years our cooperating team works on fulfilling all the requests of our guests with the best possible solution, you can count on us, even if the best solution requires more consultations.

In some aesthetic cases – if surgery is not necessary – ambulant treatment is enough, and our clinic is prepared to offer a solution for that. Of course, if surgery is not avoidable, the professional experience of our team grants the most appropriate circumstances. Besides this, we offer you the professional services of dental prosthesis, orthodontia and dental surgeries of every kind.

Our doctors have international work experience, and they are members of the International Confederation of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS) and the Society of Hungarian Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (MPHEST).

We made this page in order to give you all the information about our services, and that you could find answer for the most frequently asked question. Please, read the introduction of our colleagues and find out yourself that you and your health will be in good hands.

Our dentistry is the exclusive distributor of Dentium implants, and its only reference clinic all over the world, so you can get this high quality implant for the most favourable price, if you need an implant for dental prosthesis.  We provide full warranty for the implant for non-less than 10 years. We are continuously organising trainings, and we also participate in international conventions. We are proud to work with materials of the highest quality, and we do that with extensive professional support.

Furthermore, we are trying to fulfil the requirements of our patients through our partnerships. It is also highly important for us that the patients leave the clinic with glad and satisfaction, with getting the best possible advice and help, also in connection with other services, about which you can get more information if you click on the Partners menu.

If you need further information, feel free to consult us via any of our contacts, until then we are waiting for you with highly qualified colleagues and high-tech dentistry devices.