Dental Implant

From the exclusive distributor of the world class Dentium Dental Implant:

You can purchase dental implants of the best quality for the lowest price.

Are you considering having dental prosthesis?


It can be inserted after polishing the neighbouring teeth. It should be replaced every, 10-15 years. It can’t be used for replacing an end-tooth


It can be loose, dislocated from its original position, and the jawbone

Dentium Implant:

A fixed dental prosthesis made of titanium that can last for a whole life and it is functionally and physically identical to natural teeth, giving a natural feeling.

Whichever option are you considering, you need to know:

You don’t have to live with missing teeth.

If the following situations are familiar to you, you should read on:

  • You often try to hide your smile when you are laughing?

  • You feel unsecure before biting an apple?

  • You don’t like to speak to other people?

Let it be only one missing tooth or all the teeth missing from the jawbone
the dental implant is available for every case.

Besides aesthetic and self-esteem problems, physical problems can occur:

Thanks to the rapidly improving dentistry technologies we have implants from the highest quality that perfectly fit the human body. We welcome you to our unique clinic, which is the exclusive distributor of Dentium Implant in Hungary, at Szent István körút 9, in Budapest.

4 things you need to know about dental implants:

Trust our 15 years of professional experience

What will happen to you?

  • During the first consultation we will evaluate your condition and we will make a treatment plan.
  • After that we settle a date that is appropriate for you, when we will do the surgery. We insert the titanium tooth root to the missing tooth’s cavity. The insertion is completely painless; it is done with local anaesthesia in sterile conditions. It will take 15-60 minutes, depending on the number of the tooth roots that should be inserted.
  • A recovery period comes after the surgery. The length of this phase is varied; usually the aesthetic dental prosthesis can be implanted after about usually 2-6 months. For the healing recovery period we use a temporary dental prosthesis, so your comfort would not be violated during this time


Dentium Implant

650 Eur
  • The exact amount of treatments depends on the patient's anamnesia (history).

Implant head (basic)

140 Eur
  • The exact amount of treatments depends on the patient's anamnesia (history).

Crown implant (cermet)

190 Eur
  • The exact amount of treatments depends on the patient's anamnesia (history).

The clinic where you are the centre of attention

You have experienced numerous occasions when you had to wait in a waiting room full of annoyed patients while you were shaking in fear of the treatment that might be ahead of you, haven’t you? And when your number was up, have you ever felt like being urged, ignored and hardly examined?

The employees of Dentium Implant Center are fully aware of your situation and your fears, we were trying to give our patients the best quality and the maximal attention all through the 15 years of our professional experience.

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