Breast lift

We recommend the Breast lift if:

The skin of the breast might get loose, the glandular tissues might get saggy, which result in the so called “hanging breasts”, if the breasts lose their flexibility, due to massive weight loss, or after pregnancy or breastfeeding, or aging. The sagging of the breasts is usually a symmetric process, and it might cause painful symptoms.  (The creased areas of the skin might result in fungal infection, inflammations, skin lesions, back ache, shoulder pain). Another reason for this surgery might be if the patient has congenital or acquired (through surgery or trauma) breast asymmetry. These aesthetic problems might cause psychological problems as well on the top of the above mentioned physical symptoms.

Length of surgery:

About 2 – 2,5 Hours

The breast lift performed with anaesthesia can be done in two ways.

  • In the case of a smaller correction, the surgeons make an incision at the nipple area horizontally to the clavicle.
  • In the case of a larger amount of excess skin another incision is needed at the pleats under the breast.
  • After that the excess skin is removed, and with the concentration of the glandular tissues the desired shape is formed, and if it is required, the new implants are also inserted in the chosen shape. And then the nipples are fixed into their natural appropriate anatomic position.
  • Reduction Mammoplasty can be linked to breast lift, if not only the sagginess and looseness cause problems, but the size of the breast is not in proportion with the body. Numerous women are disturbed by the undesired size and looseness of their breasts: reduction mammoplasty means the solutions.
  • The incision is made under the tissues under the skin and surgeons close the skin with invisible stitches, which are later removed or absorbed.
  • At the end of the surgery the edges of the wounds and the breasts are fixed with special sterile bandages, in order to prevent the breast from pulling down and stretch the stitches of the wounds, so it can make the early scaring optimal.

After the breast lift:

After the Breast lift, you have to spend the night at our institute. On the day after the surgery the surgeon applies a water-proof bandage to the wounds, so you can take a shower. The special bra provided to you should be worn for 6 weeks. The visible scars disappear in half a year and the scars under the skin heal in about 2 years.

Advice after surgery:

Possible complications:

very rarely wound infection can occur; sensitivity of the nipple can change temporarily, the asymmetry of the breasts.


Breast lift

3 400 EUR

Breast reduction

3 600 EUR

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