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Buttocks surgery

Buttock surgery can be performed with multiple other surgeries:

Filling with own fat

Augmentation with implant

Filling with own fat, augmentation with implant, liposuction, buttocks lift, if this needed to be reduced.

Length of surgery:

The complete surgery takes 1-2 hours.

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The process of surgery with own fat:

  • If the decent sagging of skin at the pleat is caused by the lack of volume, like in the case of weight loss resulted fat loss, it can be refilled by the patient’s own fat.
  • The transplanted fat comes from the hips or the lower abdomen.
  • Wrapping body might be needed at those areas, depending on the amount of transplanted fat.

The process of surgery with incision:

  • The sagging skin or excess fat is removed from the pleats of the buttocks, at the thigh area with a transversal leaf-shaped-incision.
  • Precise design is important – in standing position – in order to leave the scar in a pleat, in order to hide it. If it is neglected, even the most delicate scar is more spectacular and aesthetically less acceptable.

After Buttocks surgery:

After buttocks surgery, you will spend a night at our clinic, where you will be in a pleasant, high quality institute. On the following day, the doctor will apply a waterproof bandage, so the patient can take a shower. You have to come back for control examinations on the 5th and 10th day, and two months after the surgery.
Antibiotics should be applied. The visible scars disappear after about half a year, the ones under the skin heal after 2 years.

Some advice:

  • You should sleep on your stomach for the first two weeks.
  • You should avoid consuming physical activities and long walks.
  • You can gradually return to your normal life, after three weeks you can do easy exercise well.
  • You shouldn’t use the solarium or sunbathe in the following 2 months.
  • The patients are often worried if the implants would be uncomfortable during sitting, but the prosthesis is inserted higher so it would not cause any inconvenience during sitting or any activities.


 It is very rare to experience any complication after buttocks surgery, but these complications might appear: keloid scaring, wound infection, blood and whey hyperplasia.


Buttocks surgery

3 700 EUR

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