Calf Augmentation

We recommend the Calf Augmentation if:

The point of calf augmentation is to fix the shape and asymmetry of the calves, and increase their mass, and to regenerate its tissues after damage, in some cases.

The length of the surgery:

About 1-2 Hours

  • Calf augmentation is performed with local anaesthesia, and it takes an hour.
  • As all the surgeries, it is preceded by a thorough consultation, during which our doctors inform you about the possible effects, side-effects of the surgery, and they give you some advice for the regeneration period.
  • After that an incision is made into the inner calf, through which the silicone implant is inserted.

After calf augmentation:

We should expose our calf muscles to higher workload in the following 4 weeks. Position your leg horizontally and relay whenever it is possible.

Possible side-effects:

Swelling, mild pain and bruises.


Calf Augmentation

3 500 EUR

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