Facial Rejuvation Treatment

Let's get to know our most modern Facial Rejuvation Treatments!

Wich kind of imperfections can fix the Facial Rejuvation?

The removal of various skin flaws (acnes, scars caused by measles, keratosis seborrhoea, tattoos, mild wrinkles, freckles, and other scars)
After facial surgery the skin becomes softer, lighter, tighter, and free from scars, and free from wrinkles around your eyes and mouth.

APTOS treatment

When choose APTOS treatment?

  • A quick and easy method of facial surgeries, it ensures the fresh look of the face.

  • You can get rid of your tired face with this treatment.

  • The loose skin and facial contours – like the eyebrows, lips – can be restored with the implanted special APTOS thread during the facial surgery.

  • Fat tissues atrophy with aging, they lose their original tightness and fullness, which leads to the appearance of loose skin. The skin sags due to the constant decrease of fullness.

  • General face-lifting is a very consuming surgery, which causes bigger scabs and it needs a longer recovery time, which prevents you from going back to work in a short time.
  • The sagging facial contours are fixed in a much tighter and more youthful position with the APTOS thread.
  • We perform the APTOS surgery with local anaesthesia, often with the use of sedative and painkiller.

 The optimal APTOS treatment is suitable to decrease early aging, restore the structure and fullness of the face. The thread is surrounded with delicate scab in which the small tines of the thread can hold onto and fix its position.

Rare complications of APTOS treatment:

inflammation, bruising


When choose Wirescalpel treatment?

  • It aims to achieve a more youthful, softer look, the decrease of “frowns” with the reduction of permanent wrinkles, and the reduction of smile wrinkles at the lower part of the face, which are responsible for the tired, aged look.

  • This facial surgery mainly affects the smile line at the corners of the mouth and the lines at the top of the nose.

How long the Wirescalpel treatment takes?

30 minutes

  • The wire scalpel surgery is performed with local anaesthe
  • During the facial surgery the thread is knotted to a needle and it is driven through under the smile line, with a so called “suspension” technique

Rare complications of Wirescalpel treatment:

Inflammation or bruising are rare.

Silhouette lift

What is the Silhouette lift treatment?

The tiny threads with cones are used as suspensory threads.

Duration of treatment:

The surgery takes about 45 minutes. It is performed with local anaesthesia and relaxant if necessary.

  • Through the small, 1-cm-incision made in the hairy area of the temples, the threads are driven in parallel under the skin.
  • The facial skin will get tighter and the neck will get smoother with the stretching and fixing of the threads.

On what areas can we use the Silhouette lift?

It aims to treat deeper wrinkles caused by aging, like the marionette wrinkles, or the wrinkles at the corners of the mouth and nose.

After the treatment:


APTOS soft lifting

1 800 EUR

Wire scalpel

1400 EUR

Silhouette lift

800 - 1 400 EUR

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