Facial Surgery

When the facial surgery recomennded?

It is the treatment of age related changes in the facial and neck area. During facial surgery the loosen tissues are lifted or the fullness of the face is increased in order to achieve the rejuvenation of the face. When performing facial surgery, sometimes it is also recommended and necessary to be linked together with blepharoplasty, facial liposuction and face rejuvenation (the removal of damaged upper layers of the skin, surface laser, or surface treatment of the skin)

Length of the treatment:

The carefully examined patient’s surgery usually needs 2-3 hours of general anaesthesia. The whole length of the surgery depends on the type of surgeries, as nowadays various kinds of facial surgeries are applied and combined.

  • The incision is made in the hairy area of the temples from the front of the ears to the back of the ears and over the hairy part of the nape.
  • The point of the surgery is to stretch the skin of the face and the neck and to remove the excess loose skin for the long lasting result.
  • In the case of facial surgery the excess fat is also needed to be removed for achieving the proper contour.

What to do after facial surgery:

Rare complications:

Inflammation, swelling, wound dehiscence (especially in the case of heavy smokers, behind the ears), the loss of skin sensitivity for some months, overgrown scar.

Face shaping

Two types of the Face shaping

  • The following treatments are performed with transplanting your own fat

    These treatments aim to reshape the face and its contour, correct the aesthetic flaws and, thin lips and the surrounding area of the mouth.

  • Face shaping with surgery

    A small incision is made, into which a drain is driven to the body in order to extract the needed amount of fat, often from the abdominal, buttock or neck area. After that, as the next step of the facial surgery, the extracted fat is injected between the upper tissues and tissues under the muscles.

Length of the treatment:

Anaesthesiology: generally 30-45 minutes with local anaesthesia.

What to do after facial surgery:

Rare complications after face shaping:

Slight inflammation, swelling.


Mini face lift

3 200 EUR
  • (No neck tightening)
  • The exact amount of treatments depends on the patient's anamnesia (history).

Classic face lift

3 700 EUR
  • (Including neck tightening)
  • The exact amount of treatments depends on the patient's anamnesia (history).

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