We recommend the Labiaplasty if:

The point of Labiaplasty is to restore and correct the enlarged, unnatural sized or shaped labia.

In many cases the underdevelopment of the big labia might cause the disorder too. This can be cured by a surgery of course. 

The length of the surgery:

About 1 Hour

  • The surgery is performed with local anaesthesia.
  • As every surgery, it is preceded by a thorough consultation, during which the patient is informed about the effects, side-effects of the surgery, and is given some advice for the regeneration period after the treatment.
  • After that the size of the labia is reduced, and if it is necessary a plastic implant is used.
  • After the surgery, the patient stays at a comfortable clinic room for a 24-hour monitoring. If no complication happens, the patient can return home to her normal life.

After Labiaplasty:

However, it is important to know that after the surgery the daily hygienic routine should be done with special care. That area should be treated with disinfectant cream.

Rare side-effects:

Inflammation, bleeding, swelling.



1 800 - 2 300 EUR

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