Lip enhancement

Length of the treatment:

For about 20 minutes. The effect is there immediately, but a slight swelling might appear on the treated area for 2-3 days after the treatment.

  • The substance is injected to the skin of the treated area with a very thin needle.
  • If it is necessary we apply anaesthetic cream to the surface, and then we perform the procedure.
  • Before lip enhancement we usually apply injected anaesthesia, just like in the case of dental treatments.

After the lip enhancement:

Some slighter roughness might appear on the lips for a couple of weeks. Intensive mouth movements should be avoided (like laughing or speech) after lip enhancement. Furthermore, mild pain and itching can occur after the treatment. These symptoms will disappear after a couple of days.
It is important to know in advance that at the first time in the case of an injection treatment, the enhancement should be repeated once or twice in a couple of weeks, within 1-1.5 month.
It is needed because the some part of the filling can sink deeper into the tissues after the very first treatment, thus, although wouldn’t completely disappear or wouldn’t be absorbed, but the effect would obviously decrease after 1-2 weeks. If the enhancement is repeated, this problem will not occur anymore.

Some advice after the treatment:

Possible complications, later side-effects after the enhancement:

Fortunately, complications are very rare. But after a low percentage of the treatments, a small but tactile lump can appear on the lips. It is rarely visible, but it can be irritating, especially during biting or kissing.  Allergic reactions causing dermatitis, erythema or sensitivity has the probability of less than one to a thousand. It is very unlikely that the substance would migrate if the instructions are followed. The absorption depends on the connective tissues of a person. If a person has already had herpes, the injection treatments can increase the risk of its recurrence. The use of aspirin or products with similar effects can increase sensitivity, so it can cause bruising.

We don’t recommend the treatment if:


Lip enhancement

From 300 EUR
  • The exact amount of treatments depends on the patient's anamnesia (history).

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