We mostly perform two kind of Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty

We recommend the Rhinoplasty if:

The character of our face is primarily given by the size and shape of the nose, so it is absolutely understandable that a lot of patients want rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons. The congenital deformities or acquired injury can be corrected through plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty has two types: open or closed rhinoplasty. We mostly perform closed rhinoplasty, during which our plastic surgeons make the incision at the mucosa of the nose, so no outer scar is resulted. If a patient comes to use after several nasal surgeries, probably an open rhinoplasty needs to be performed..

Length of surgery:

About 1,5 Hours

Open rhinoplasty

  • During open rhinoplasty the incision is made on the skin separating the nostril, where from the required correction is made. Septal deviation causing constant nasal congestion and breathing problems, can be treated along with an aesthetic rhinoplasty.
  • On the day following the day of the rhinoplasty, or two days after the nasal septum surgery, our plastic surgeons insert a tampon to the nasal passages in order to fix them and prevent bleeding.
  • In the case of nose tip and nasal bridge surgery waterproof adhesive tape, plaster are applied, in the case of nose slimming, after the break of the nose, it is fixed for a week.

Closed rhinoplasty

  • During rhinoplasty, after styptic is used, along the incision at the mucosa, the mucosa is removed from the other tissues, and from the cartilaginous and bony structure. The nasal septum, the nasal cartilage and the nasal bridge are made free.
  • The plastic surgeon removes those parts of the nasal cartilage and the connective tissues from the structure that cause aberration to the shape, thus the surgeon reshapes the nose tip. To reduce the length of the nose, the surgeon removes a part of the nasal septum.
  • If it is necessary, the cartilages removed during the surgery can be used to reshape the nose tip. Any outgrowth of the nasal bridge is lowered, and all the curves are ceased. The plastic surgeons break the two sides of the nasal bone, in order to slim the nose, and then the nose is fixed with plaster.

After rhinoplasty:

It is important to know that the final form of the nose is only achieved after a year. As the changes of the bones and the cartilages need to be adapted by the skin. Rhinoplasty affects your whole look; the face can get a harmonic vibe through that. Our patients get rid of their complexes, which affects their whole life positively.

Advice after surgery:

Possible complications:

Even if the rhinoplasty is performed in the most careful way complications might occur: breathing difficulties, abnormal scar formation (keloid), postoperative bleeding, skin necrosis, cartilage necrosis, temporary analgesia.
Rhinoplasty may come with swelling, oedema (for a couple of week).



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