Thigh surgery

First of all, you need to know that there are various thigh surgeries, fixing specific areas according to personal requirements.

Mini Thigh surgery

Classical Thigh surgery​

Mini Thigh surgery

mini Thigh surgery might help to remove the sagged skin, which is caused by weight fluctuation or aging. Skin and, if necessary, fat is removed. The firmed skin provides a better shape for the legs.  The surgery is performed with general anaesthesia.

Classical Thigh surgery​

Classical thigh surgery removes the excess, saggy skin and fat from the inner thigh. The incision is T or L formed at the crouch, from the crouch to the buttocks. 

Length of the surgery:

It takes 2-3 hours in general. It depends on the volume of the correction if the surgery is made in two parts. If it is, there is half a year between the two surgeries. It results in easier scar formation, the scars will be thinner and those heal easier.

  • We perform thigh surgery with local anaesthesia and general anaesthesia.
  • The plastic surgeon lifts the skin and removes the excess fat, which makes the leg better shaped and the skin tighter.
  • In order to have the scars completely hidden, the surgeons make the incision at the bikini line and the thigh bends. These incisions make sure that the scar would not get wider and stay inside the bikini lines.
  • If just liposuction is required, our plastic surgeons remove the fat through thin, 4-6 mm tubes with vacuum through a 1 cm incision.

After Thigh surgery

In the case of a thigh surgery the stitch removal happens two weeks after the surgery. However, the result of thigh surgery is spectacular right after, the final shape of the thigh is reached in the following 1 month.

Some advice:


Complications occur very rarely in the case of thigh surgeries. But of course, we need to know that, as every surgery, thigh surgery can have its risks as well: postoperative bleeding, infections, whey production over-sensitivity against anaesthesia, inflammation, keloid scar formation, asymmetry, the change of skin sensitivity.


Thigh surgery

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