Dental Prosthesis

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Dental Prosthesis

fogpótlásThanks to the improvement of materials science and dentistry, metal-free dental prosthesis are spreading, enabling to substitute amalgam. Nowadays any kind of dental restoration can be achieved with metal-free dental prosthesis.
This dental prosthesis satisfies all the aesthetic and functional requirements. Logically, the metal-free dental prosthesis does not contain metal, so it can keep the natural effect of the teeth and it can also prevent allergic reactions. A big advantage of metal-free dental prosthesis is that its form and colour are completely identical to natural teeth so it gives you an aesthetic look.

What is this dental prosthesis made of?

It is made of simple ceramics or ceramics built on zirconium-dioxide structure.
An example for ceramic dental prosthesis is the jacket crown. This is usually used in the case of front teeth. It is not recommended in the case of larger bridges or dentures. Bigger sized aesthetic dental prosthesis can be made with ceramics burnt on ZrO2 structure, as the structure and the cover material have the same colour. This aesthetic dental prosthesis has a layered structure just like a natural tooth. Its preparation needs great precision and shoulder preparation is suggested before the surgery.

fogpótlás dentiumThe process of the treatment:

The preparation of the tooth and the shoulder. It is done with local anaesthesia. The shoulder is made with great delicacy, because that is the point where the tooth and the metal-free dental prosthesis meet, that is why it determines the durability of the dental prosthesis.
After that we take a very precise silicon print of the polished tooth and we choose the proper shade for the dental prosthesis. The metal-free dental prosthesis is made in a dental technician laboratory based on the print. We make sure that the dental prosthesis fits perfectly with multiple tests. If the tests turn out to be positive, the dentist fixes the dental prosthesis.


Dental Prosthesis - porcelain dental crown

fogpótlás porcelán korona

We use porcelain dental crown in order to achieve the highest aesthetic requirements, as the metal-based crown turns into blue, while the good light transmission ability and the colour of the porcelain crown meet all the aesthetic requirements. On the other hand, the disadvantage of porcelain crown is that it is more vulnerable so it is only recommended in the cases of the incisors, as those teeth are exposed to less workload than the molars. It is important to notice that the insertion of porcelain dental crown is only possible with shoulder preparation, as the edge would provide a supportive surface to the porcelain dental crown. The benefit of this treatment is that the surrounding gum tissue will remain unharmed and healthy.


Dental Prosthesis - Cercon dental crown

fogpótlás cercon korona

It is one of the most modern metal-free dental prosthesis. The porcelain is burnt onto a ZrO2 structure on a high temperature, so the stability of the dental crown will increase a lot.
When is it used?

It is mostly used for aesthetic purposes as it can be used as a single dental crown, but after insertion of multiple sessions it can be applied as a bridge too if just a small proportion of healthy dental tissue remained due to dental caries.
The process of inserting a cercon dental crown: the tooth is prepared and a print is taken, and then come the check and the insertion.
Advantages: Good light transmission ability, aesthetic colour, great durability, low heat conducting and excellent biocompatibility.


Fogpótlás - Gyökér kapocs műcsonkDental Prosthesis – Root abutment

It can be used in the case if the dental crown is extremely damaged but the root can be restored with treatments. An abutment is implanted to the root which is a carbon-fibre polymer element that is fixed to the dental root. A ceramic dental crown can be added to the abutment.



Fogpótlás - Részlegesen kivehető fogsor

Dental Prosthesis – Partially removable denture


This denture fits to the natural teeth via metal links, which provides proper stability. It is reasonable and economical but less modern and less aesthetic.



fogpótlás inlay

Dental Prosthesis - Inlay


The inlay is prosthetic made based on a print and fixed with adhesives. Its advantage is that it is the most similar to the surrounding natural teeth and much more durable than traditional fillings. It can be made of several materials: golden, porcelains, composite.


arany inlay

Golden inlay


It is the most durable dental prosthesis, and it is also delicate to the tissues. It is ideal to block the ends, which prevent secondary dental caries. Its lifespan is excellent, it is generally between 25 and 30 years.



porcelán inlay

Porcelain inlay

It is used if more than 50% of the hard dental tissue is damaged. We use a dental inlay that is made for the specially created cavity by dental technicians. This inlay is made of porcelain and it is worked under extreme pressure and temperature, so is resistant to physical and chemical impacts. The colour of this inlay is identical to the natural teeth, thus it provides an aesthetic impression, besides it is massively durable.


kerámia inlay

Ceramic inlay

It is made of composite hardened with small ceramic particles. Its colour is identical to the colour of natural teeth, and it is highly wear-proof. It is mostly used in the case of damaged teeth due to dental caries and when amalgam filling is to be substituted. Its life span is often between 5-8 years. It is recommended in the cases of filling smaller cavities.



Dental Prosthesis – Occlusal guard

We recommend the use of an occlusal guard if the patient suffers from bruxism. Bruxism can cause several other symptoms like migraine, maxillary sinusitis or tinnitus. An occlusal guard applied for the night will stop bruxism.