Oral Surgery Treatments

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Oral Surgery Treatments

The followings are the oral surgery treatments, which we carry out on a daily basis at the Dentium dentistry clinic:

  • Extraction of teeth and tooth roots, which can also be surgical removal of a tooth.
  • Dental conservation treatment with surgical methods
  • Treatment of inflammatory lesions and cysts in the jawbone
  • Surgical removal of hidden teeth, especially wisdom teeth



ExtractionExtraction is always carried out with anaesthesia (mostly with local anaesthesia).

It is forbidden to eat under the effect of anaesthesia, as you could hurt your mouth badly. For example: you can bite through your numb lower lip.
It is forbidden to rinse your mouth on the day of extraction, as the small hematoma at the place of the extraction would initiate the recovery process. But the following days you should pay special attention to mouth hygiene, brush your teeth carefully!

If the extracted tooth had been inflamed, the recovery might be slower, and you might have fever after the surgery. The use of antipyretic and inflammatory medicine might be suggested. In the case of post-surgical pain taking a painkiller might be very effective and recommended.
If you have any question or you experience any sort of complication, do not hesitate to consult us.

Root Apex Resection

Root Apex ResectionThis treatment is needed if the problems of a tooth cannot be solved by conservative treatments, for example in the case of a chronic fistula inflammation around the root apex. A resection is done also in the case when the root apex of a tooth reaches a cavity of a cyst and we decided on conserving the tooth.
Resection is also called root apex amputation. After the preparation of the tooth (root canal filling) the apex of the tooth is removed surgically, while we are cleaning the direct surroundings of the tooth. The aim of the operation is to conserve the tooth and to ensure its limited functionalization.


CystectomyThere might be various types of cysts in the oral cavity. The most common form of cyst is the one on the root apex, the so called Radicular Cyst.
The removal of the cyst is done with surgical excavation, while the whole area is cleaned. We might also do root canal filling, dissection and resection if it’s necessary.

Dental replantation

It means the replacement of a dislocated tooth to the alveolus and its splinting.

Frenectomy, Frenulotomy

It is the surgical removal of the frenulum of tongue-tie or lips.

Removal of the wisdom teeth

Removal of the wisdom teethAlmost everyone has the wisdom teeth formed in the gum, but in some cases those can just partly break through the gum or not at all, so they don’t participate in the chewing function.
The reason is simple: we have more teeth than how could fit into one’s mouth.
So wisdom teeth can cause several other problems:

  • Most parts of the wisdom teeth are hidden under the gum, so the bacteria in the mouth can easily get under the gum often resulting in severe inflammation.
  • The wisdom teeth might put pressure on the other teeth, so the front teeth might get congested because of the lack of space.
  • Furthermore, cyst could be caused by hidden wisdom teeth, which threatens the health of the neighbouring teeth as well. 

In order to prevent these problems, please consult us. We will solve or prevent these problems without any pain in our well-equipped clinic.