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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery

Our clinic provides the opportunity to carry out numerous plastic surgical treatments. We aim to give the safest service from the highest quality and give them chance to relax in calm circumstances after the treatment.

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Our patients often come to our company in order to restore their natural beauty and youth. Plastic surgery offers a lot of tools to reach the desired look. Sometimes your skin would not completely regenerate after pregnancy. We provide you several solutions, both surgical and non-surgical treatments, which are painless in every single case.

plasztikai sebészet alakformálásOur patients usually would like to get rid of their wrinkles, cellulite or excess fat. Of course these treatments are considered routines. The reshaping of various body parts are also general tasks in the world of plastic surgery.

It is important to know that the surgeries are preceded with a comprehensive consultation, during which our highly experienced doctors inform the patients about the process of the surgery, its effects and possible side-effects, and also about the recovery period after the treatment.



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Plastic surgical services:

  • Lip enhancement: It aims to enhance and thicken the line of the lips and correct the asymmetric parts of the lips. More information

  • Facial surgery: It aims to rejuvenate the old, loose skin and the wrinkled areas of the face and the neck. More information

  • Botox treatment: It aims to refill the wrinkled areas and reduce further wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead and between the eyebrows. More information

  • Thigh surgery: It aims to restore the natural shape of the thighs and to remove the wrinkles and the cellulite from that area. More information

  • Buttocks surgery: It aims to enlarge the buttocks with the help of implants, with buttocks lift or with thong lift. More information

  • Otoplasty: It aims to restore the deformed ears and fix any sort of asymmetry with the help of modern plastic surgical technologies. More information

  • Abdominoplasty: It aims to remove any sort of surplus, unwanted fat and skin from the abdomen and restore its healthy shape. More information

  • Forehead Lift: It aims to remove the wrinkles and the surplus layers of skin, to lift that area and fix the asymmetry. More information

  • Labiaplasty: It aims to treat the enlargement of the labia minora (inner labia), reduce it, and to restore its natural shape with plastic surgical methods. More information

  • Breast lift, Reduction Mammoplasty: It aims to restore the state of breasts, to reduce the size of breasts and minimalize the chance of breast cancer. More information

  • Breast Augmentation: It aims to fix the shape flaws of breasts and to increase their size with the help of gel implants. More information

  • Non-surgical skin rejuvenation: It aims to rejuvenate and regenerate facial skin without surgery and pain.  More information

  • Rhinoplasty: It aims to make the size and the shape of the nose more aesthetic and to solve breathing problems (e.g.: snoring). More information

  • Blepharoplasty:  It aims to remove the loose, surplus skin and fat around the eyelid. More information

  • Browplasty: It aims to improve the position of the eyebrows and lift the loose skin around the eyebrows. More information

  • Calf Augmentation: It aims to improve the width, the shape, the mass of the calf and fix its asymmetry, or to remove any scar with the help of plastic surgical methods. More information

  • Liposuction: It aims to remove the unwanted fat and to improve the shape of your body, and to restore the healthy physique. More information
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