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Plastic Surgery


After pregnancy, hormonal changes, obesity, rapid weight loss or previous surgeries the abdomen area can change, which can concern the skin, the fat tissues under the skin, and the abdomen.
Pregnancy lines can appear on the skin. These disorders can cause functional problems – above aesthetic problems – spine problems, lesions, psychological disorders.
Abdominoplasty consist of all the surgeries concerning every layer of the abdomen area (skin, fat, muscle). It aims to restore any disorder at that region to its natural state.
The process of the surgery:
Our plastic surgeons make the incision at the lower abdomen, at the bikini line towards the hips, and mostly around the bellybutton. The treated are is lifted, stretched and the excess is removed, and the position of the bellybutton is reset. The excess skin is removed if necessary, the abdomen is sewed in the middle, firmed, and then the skin is pulled to the lower abdomen, and sewed to it. So Abdominoplasty is basically the removal of excess fat, and reshaping of the abdomen muscles, and it might be accompanied by liposuction. In the case of Mini-Abdominoplasty the bellybutton is not replaced. The scar is designed in a way that the bikini or the underwear would cover it.  After abdominoplasty we always need two drains.

Length of surgery: ~90 minutes

After abdominoplasty:
At the end of surgery pressure bandage and trusses are applied. The stitches are removed after 2 -3 weeks. The result of abdominoplasty is spectacular right after the surgery, but the final shape of the abdomen area will be apparent after months. As a result of abdominoplasty the stomach will be tighter, flatter, and the flabby stomach disappears with all the other inherent problems as well. All in all, your shape will be better, you can regain your lost self-confidence, and your clothes size will be smaller.   The new body proportions will remain like the resulted one, even if the patient might gain weight.

Possible complications:
Just like in the case of other surgeries whey production, bruising, inflammation might occur. Very rarely – especially in the case of very fatty tissues – healing disorder might occur. Sensory disturbances might occur due to the damage of surficial skin nerves. Later complication can be the thickened, keloid scar.
Advice after the surgery:
The trusses and compression bandage must be worn for 4-6.
You should rest for a month, avoid physically consuming activities for the benefits of recovery. Diet is recommended.