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Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation

Breast AugmentationBreast and cleavage have been a most important symbols of femaleness since the beginning of time.  Genetics, aging and various other changes are working against these. The inappropriate shape or size can cause psychological disorders, that results in the loss of confidence, the decadence of our sexual life and our relationship. It is possible to increase the size of the breast and to fix any possible asymmetry, or to make any necessary correction after pregnancy and breastfeeding. These surgeries are breast augmentations with implants. During the first consultation some examinations are made and the surgeons discuss with you the types of breast surgeries that they think to be necessary. After that the desired implant is chosen. Your personal wish of their size, shape, and the specific attributes of your body are taken into account.
The process of the surgery:
The breast augmentation implants are implanted under the chest muscles and the glandular tissues.  The surgery does not damage the glandular tissues, as it barely interfere with that area. The application of breast prosthesis does not affect further breastfeeding.
The surgery intrudes in 3.5-5 cm depth, and the incision can be made under the breast pleat, around the nipples or at the pleats of the armpit.

The types of implants used in a breast augmentation: rounded (low, high and ultrahigh profile), anatomic and asymmetric

The length of the surgery: ~ 1-1.5 hour
After breast augmentationAfter breast augmentation:
Right after the a surgery and in the following weeks, the implant is much higher than what the final position will be. This can cause the swelling of the tissues. Due to the connective techniques and the gravity the implant will move lower after some weeks. The swelling disappears and after some month the implant can move lower with 0.5-3.5 centimetres, which, of course is personally specific. The final position of the implant, which is the desired final result, is reach in 3 months – half a year.
The bra that is required after the surgery pushes down the treated area and the upper parts of the breast, in order to speed up the process, which is about 2 weeks.
Possible complications:
No surgery can be guaranteed to be free from complications. Possible complications after surgery: postoperative bleeding, inflammation, but these are getting rarer and rarer due to the development of medical science, and even if those complications might occur, those can be treated. Some general complications might rarely occur in connection with the surgery and the anaesthesia. Up to personal aptitudes increased scar formation, hypertrophic or keloid scar might occur.

Advice after surgery:

  • You should always wear the flexible bandage or bra that you are provided after the surgery for two weeks.
  • You should wear a bra for about 4 weeks, especially when performing more consuming activities.
  • The stitches are removed after 2 weeks. After the surgery, you can have a stretching feeling for 2-3 weeks, but it will disappear.
  • You should organise your home care, and you must obey the instructions.
  • After the surgery, massage can be necessary in order to prevent development. We inform you that the patients should report any sort of event that affects her breasts or the implants to your surgeon, especially in the case of an accident, injury or a powerful physical impact to the chest.